Aussie’s Guide: Top 10 Disadvantages Of Websites


We are so engrossed in the benefits of websites that we often forget what the downsides are. Since the internet came to exist many people have been debating the usefulness of it and the impact it has on our society. Here are Australia’s Top 10 Disadvantages of Websites.

  1. Security

When identity theft is on the rise in Australia secure websites are a must have when collecting funds. Hackers are just modern day thieves. Even with a huge draw for security software accessing and downloading malware to viruses is still a constant worry. Not everything is confidential.

  1. SPAM

With these new security threats on the web many Australians are finding their emails full of spam. No not the kind in the can, the kind from having your information sold by businesses to make more money. It’s annoying and down-right frustrating to be a victim and unsubscribing does not guaranty it will go away.

  1. Lack of Social Interaction

Many times we think with Facebook that we are gaining social interaction, but what about physical social interaction. It is one thing to type messages, but to be in the presence of another person allows us to understand emotional cues and understand how someone is trying to communicate non-verbally to another.

  1. No Face-To-Face Customer Service

It is such a drag to be on a website and you have a basic question about the material of a shirt. Sadly, there is no one there for a quick answer. Heck, you cannot even feel the texture of the material until it comes in the mail!

  1. Unverified Information

It can be embarrassing to get the wrong information, especially since the internet is full of untrusted news sources and gossip always floating around. Knowing what sites to trust and what information is correct is a huge disadvantage especially to students and news agencies.

  1. Pornography

Pornography is all over the websites in advertisements and this can create an issue with parents and many people who do not wish to see. This is one of the biggest disadvantages to websites especially with no regulation.

  1. Contribution To Poor Health

Playing games online for hours on end or constantly browsing the web creates a very sedentary life. The lack of movement can cause many issues especially carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy and eye issues.

  1. Difficulties in Shopping

It is so hard to shop online sometimes. Lacking the ability to use our senses makes the job very difficult to make accurate judgement on purchases.

  1. Unreliable Internet Services

Internet services can make it difficult in general to get to your internet banking or bill pay when your service doesn’t always work or is very slow. Constant calls to your provider can be very time consuming.

  1. Social Media Posts

This is the biggest disadvantage when using the internet and websites. When you make posts or write anything on a public forum it will always be there for people to see. Your opinions and likes are all recorded and if you offend someone it could spell trouble for your relationship and for your job.