Browser Compatibility: Part 2


Does not alter appearance and functionality:

One of the main features of a successful website is its appearance. Websites that are well-designed but not optimised for browser compatibility may have altered or skewed appearance in different browsers. It may also affect their functionality. Browser compatibility makes it possible for the site to remain the same on different platforms.

Saves Time and Resources:

If not for browser compatibility, the web designer would have had to create different variations of the same website. Keeping in mind the fact that configuration of a website changes with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc, various editions of the same browsers, mobile platforms, and tablet platforms as well.

Improves Search Engine Ranking:

When a website is optimised, visibility of the website increases across the web. Availability on every platform also makes it easy to access. These result in high visitor count. All these factors are crucial for search engine indexing.

Retaining Customers and Business:

Every user / customer does not use the same browser as used by the designer. A potential customer can access the website from any browser. If the website appears incorrect or does not function properly the customer won’t use or access the website again for business. For this problem, some of the websites display the message on the website homepage stating the best browser to be used with the specified website.

Process of Browser Compatibility:

It is not feasible for a website or a webpage to be compatible with all existing browsers, but creating a web page that is compatible with most of the famous browsers can be done.

Browser Compatibility can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Site Validation: It’s a process of verifying whether the website or web page affirm the standards and regulations of different browsers. It also identifies problems in the web page.
  1. After validation, we can use any of the compatibility tools available to optimise the site.