Choosing the Right Type of UK Web Hosting Service

It can be quite confusing for beginners of opening up a website in the UK. Others may find it easy, especially if they are going for the easiest route - just go for what is best recommended for beginners. However, UK web hosting packages designed for beginners are not always suited for beginners because they are usually designed for small to medium sized websites. It is because of this reason that new websites must first consider its needs so that it will be easy to choose the type of web host later on. We do know that it’s not easy to find the best web hosting UK based provider, researching which host to go with can take a lot of time and effort, but at least by the end of it, you would have learned a LOT!

Free vs. Paid

The websites that get established automatically without paying a cent? That’s free hosting! Many new website owners in the United Kingdom go for free web hosting, especially if they are still trying out the online environment whether it will work or not. This is perfect for website owners that are trying out the environment online and will just upgrade their hosting if ever they want to push through it.

The main advantage of a free hosting is of course the free offer. Some even offer free email services. Free hosting is highly recommended for personal or family websites. Professionals websites, on the other hand, must go with the paid hosting service. The reason is that the features are too limited and it may hamper the progress of the website when it increases traffic.

  • Here are the disadvantages of free hosting service:
  • There are ads placed by the hosting site. You cannot remove it.
  • Additions of software are limited
  • Technical support may or may not be offered
  • Security is not as robust as the paid ones
  • There are rarely any chances for you to expand or even move your files. If there is, it is highly likely limited
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Limited bandwidth

Shared hosting

This hosting type is the most popular choice among small to medium sized website owners. While it is recommended for businesses, it can also be used for personal websites. Most shared hosting are run by Linux platform, although some of them offer the Windows option, too. However, this is usually provided at a higher rate. Most packages of this hosting type are scalable, so you get to start with the most basic plan they offer and upgrade when your needs increase.

Shared hosting is the most affordable of all hosting types, except free hosting. Most shared hosting companies in the UK offer a variety of add-on tools and programs that will aid in optimizing your site. This will make the website more dynamic and efficient, too.

However, there are also disadvantages to using shared hosting. You get to share the same space as other websites since all of you are on a single server. This makes it less secure. However, it depends on the level of security that the hosting company has implemented. Other things include restrictions on the kind of software to use or the file types allowed to be uploaded.


Dedicated hosting

This hosting type is where your website is exclusively using a single server all by itself. The main advantage of this hosting type is that you have the server all to yourself. However, this is an option well suited for websites with very high traffic. It is a good option for those who have grown a lot and will need a lot of space, storage, and bandwidth.