Grand Opening

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Alex Cardasis

Alex Cardasis was born in New York City and moved to Vermont in high school. She received her undergraduate degree in Political Science & English Literature from the University of Vermont. Since completing the New York City Teaching Fellows program and receiving her masters in 2005, she has been a public school teacher in the Bronx. She currently lives in the Lower East Side and is interested in public policy and urban education issues. Alex finished 27,632nd in the 2008 NYC marathon. That was much better than we thought she would do.

Every popular venue needs a person to screen undesirables at the door. Alex is also credited for correcting the grammar and sentence structure of Ben’s letters to clients and fans of Grand Opening. If you have gotten a clear, concise letter from Ben, then it was probably Alex who wrote it. She is also well versed in dancing and loves a good argument. Alex is willing to stay up late and make sure things are finished on time. This can be handy because she also has to get up early to go to school. Alex is a patient and caring teacher who applies these same skills to downtown socialites of the Lower East Side.