Grand Opening

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Damian Boyd-Boffa

Originally from Vermont, Damian was drawn by the west settling in studies of finance and international business at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His professional experience has been exclusively with small companies and therefore embodies a wide range of responsibilities and diverse experiences. A role with a young financial services company turned marketing consultancy, resulting from identifying proper application of the company’s collective expertise, piqued an interest in advertising. Returning east to New York and with an introduction to Grand Opening staff and ultimately the company has engaged that interest in an inspiring creative environment. Damian is functionally the COO, but participates in many activities from management and marketing to concept development, fabrication design, and event production. As a company, Grand Opening applies design expertise in attracting audiences to exhibitions, stores, and events. This collection of functions are complementary as a whole with each project influenced by the full range of services. Damian’s experience is implemented in the same way, with exposure to many responsibilities and environments utilized in the various tasks he executes. 

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