How important is Design in any form of Web Development?

Creating eye-catching elements is extremely important for web development. As websites and pages become more appealing, it starts to attract more visitors, which leads to increasing the traffic. Increasing web traffic is important because all those visitors are potential customers. It is like enhancing the interior of a store so that it catches the eye of random person that passes by and eventually lures them in.

So what’s new in web development in 2016?

web-development2There isn’t much that changed, except few details, but those details are exactly what creative web developers are trying to work on. Any innovative approach on web development that designers contribute to or developers directly help create is valuable in web development business. This is why many companies that understand the importance of marketing and advertising invest money and time in the web developing research. How key elements on a future website will behave and how they will look like to a potential customer of their services is designer’s top priority.

And if you ever thought that web design is a simple rearrangement of elements on a website, changing themes and enhancing visuals - you’re dead wrong. It takes much more than that to construct a website. From sketching to adjusting functions to finally releasing the product it takes time and effort. And even when a website is finished, designers release versions that still have to be modified.

A different Approach on Web Development.

Whenever you notice that your competition is doing better than you in advertising their services, you immediately start working on an idea to regain the lead in this never-ending race for progress. Your analytics will most certainly start monitoring their strategy and try to use it and implement it in your own. But the real goal here is to be unique and create ideas without taking any tips from others. You should be glad that they’ve created this small step and surpassed you as it only pushes you to be more thorough and dedicated to your work. So instead of desperately trying to beat them, fueled by jealousy and greed, turn a new page in your book and star over.


Know How to Motivate your Team.

You’re all probably familiar with the stick and carrot approach on motivation? The idea is, as the name suggest, to reward your workers with something beneficial to them whenever they are doing a good job. Whenever you see an increase of the percentage of sales or any other form of visible progress, it’s important to let them know that you appreciate their work. The stick is more or less self-explanatory in this situation, but it doesn’t mean that you should start firing people and deducting their salaries whenever they’ve done something wrong. Instead of spreading fear and negative energy trough your offices, remember that they are your colleagues no matter what your position is. This doesn’t mean that your punishment should be light. You need to send a message, a message that they will understand.