How has Web Designing Revolutionized in the past decade?

The internet has gone through lot of changes in the past few years. There has been lot of progress in the technology, programming languages, hardware and software which has seen many improvements in web design as well. Moreover, the increasing demand and expectations on new and advanced features have always been the driving factor for this revolution.

Hardware and Software Expenses:

In the past 10 years, the hardware and software costs have reduced considerably and it’s become affordable for any business or a person to own their own website. Independent websites have provided a great opportunity to reach more people. So it favors the growth of the business.


Increase in business, Increase in websites:

There has been a very large increase in business especially small-scale businesses that have made a huge impact in the market today. This growth progress had been consistent in the past decade. As we know, any business has to express its ideas in order to attract as many customers as possible. Gone are those days where luring customers was a full-time job and you had to everything possible to find a new customer. Now with websites as the new face of the business, customers can find their way to you rather than the other way around.

Increase of computer and internet utilization:

The boom of computer use has changed how people think and work. If nothing else, internet as the source of first-hand of relevant information has peaked. Everything from basic cooking recipes to huge money transfers, everything can be done from a desk. These days, websites are developed so that they can be accessed from phones as well. Information is available anytime anywhere.

Technology growth makes life easier:

Earlier websites had just static pages programmed in simple HTML. Now we have dynamic and responsive web designs that use advanced technologies. With the inventions like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) the websites have started to look more impressive and presentable. The time taken to do a particular task online that is the response time has also improved drastically in the past 10 years with the improvements in technology. Everything can be done by a click of a button.

Requirement to get global attention:

Every business wanted to step into the global market and wanted its own space. Business is no longer localized in a shop. Global customers and easy transactions through websites have increased to a great number which in turn increased the competition. To stand out in that tough completion, websites need to be improved and updated frequently. This is one of the main reasons why web design underwent a revolution.

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Introduction of social networking sites:

Social media requires a unique style of website design. Recently it has become a platform to express everything. With the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, etc, internet user have increased. So website design plays a vital role to enhance the presentation and increase the user number. The main function of a social network are sharing and uploading a picture or a video. So the website is designed in a way to facilitate those functions. Users get bored using the same website for a long time. It gets very monotonous. That calls for new and innovative ideas.